Dental Implants

Dental implants are among one of the most popular advancements in dentistry, bringing patients their confidence back through a restored smile. Implants are designed to restore missing teeth from root to crown and improve overall health in the process. 

Whether you’re missing one tooth or a sequence of multiple missing teeth, we have you covered with the treatments available at our Columbus, OH office! Call today to schedule a visit!

Single Implants

When you lose even a single tooth, it can affect how you eat and speak – as well as how confident you feel about your smile. It can also result in neighboring teeth shifting into the empty space, causing your bite to become misaligned. But a single dental implant can help prevent all these problems and restore the full function of your smile, allowing you to live a full and joyful life once again! 

Dental implants are indeed the best way to replace your lost tooth. They’re more comfortable, look better, and last longer than other restorative options that simply rest on the gum tissue. They provide an excellent foundation for replacement teeth that function just like natural ones. When replacing a single tooth, the below process is followed: 

  • The implant post is embedded in the bone and given time to heal.
  • The post is topped with an abutment, a connecting piece that attaches the post to the dental crown.
  • The custom-made dental crown is placed on top of the abutment and cemented into place.

Implant-Supported Bridges

Implant-supported bridges are constructed similarly to traditional bridges, with the exception that no natural tooth alteration is required since the implants serve as a foundation for the construction. Instead of reshaping healthy teeth, you may utilize implant-supported bridges and connect them to implants on either side of the gap.

This procedure allows you to combine three or more crowns to form the bridge appliance and replace one or more missing teeth in a sequence. The device will be cemented onto an implant on either side of the smile gap, restoring appearance, confidence, health, and function!

Entire Process Completed in Our Office

At our office, you can complete the entire implant procedure in one place with one trusted care team. Rather than being referred to other doctors or traveling to other facilities, everything is done at DiMichaelangelo Family Dentistry. 

There are two steps that are involved when it comes to getting dental implants; these steps are known as placement and restoration.

  • The placement process encompasses the planning and surgical placement of the implant.
  • The restoration of the implant involves the addition of the abutment and your custom dental crown.

By coming to our office for the entire procedure, you can have any questions answered, visit us for recovery updates while healing, and enjoy the simplicity of the whole process being performed under one roof. 

A Fresh Start With a New Smile

Dental implants are a life-changing investment, and we want to be a part of rebuilding your smile. Our team is filled with compassionate and caring people that love what they do and enjoy seeing you thrive with beautiful new implants. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover the new you when implants have been placed; you can enjoy your favorite food, speak clearly, laugh proudly, and never again miss an opportunity to show off your smile. 

What’s more, is you can achieve all of this in an office that strives to make you feel your best! Keeping our practice fun, relaxing, and enjoyable is always our goal. We want you to enjoy your dental visits here and enjoy the process of reclaiming your smile. Call today! 

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