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$79 Routine Cleaning, Exam & X-Ray*

*New patients only.
*Periodontal scaling and root planing not covered.

Want to know the secret to a healthy smile? It starts with quality dental care! While brushing and flossing at home is a great way to maintain the health of your teeth and gums, a professional cleaning, examination, and x-ray are necessary to truly keep your smile in its best shape. Generally, toothbrushes and floss have limited effectiveness in keeping every crevice of your mouth clean at home. 

When you arrive at our office we will conduct a full examination, perform periodontal measurements, and take x-rays to ensure the health of your gums, teeth, teeth roots, and jawbone. After this is complete we will clean your teeth absolutely spotless!

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Schedule your visit with our office in Columbus, OH! You can leave with the confidence that your oral health is in pristine condition or we will provide you with a treatment option that will ensure your smile is maintained. Call today!

Patient Education
Our practice makes it a priority to ensure that our patients are well educated about their oral health condition so that they may be better equipped to care for their smiles. We are dedicated to presenting educational information at every opportunity and are always happy to answer questions.
Customer Service
Allow us to invite you to a dentist’s office unlike anywhere you’ve ever been before! A vital part of our culture is the idea that we want to create a fun, cheerful, high-quality work environment that allows our patients to comfortably enjoy their visit and receive the services which they deserve!
Fun & Delight
Those who visit our office describe it as being a place of pure enjoyment for all. You'll hear laughter, singing, or even hygienists and patients having a friendly chat. Our office is proud to be a place that doesn't feel clinical at all; instead, we feel like it's a home.

What People Are Saying


“I had an awesome experience at DiMichaelangelo Family Dentistry. The doctors and team members were so wonderful. Everyone was so kind and wonderful. They treated me like family. I recommend everyone to go to this office.”

Ms. N

“I can’t say enough positive things about DiMichaelangelo Family Dentistry! They are professional, yet personable and really care about dental health and happiness. If you're looking for a new dentist, this office is the place to go!”

Tara H.

“I am so impressed with this family dentistry that I moved my entire family over after my first visit. DiMichaelangelo Family Dentistry is the finest, most professional practice I've ever been to. Both doctors take time to listen and explain things until you understand completely.”

Cindy S.

“I had a great experience with DiMichaelangelo Family Dentistry. Everyone was so friendly and made my experience so easy. The doctors explained everything so well.”

Penny B.
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