Teeth Whitening 101

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Teeth whitening can restore brightness to stained teeth and enhance your beautiful smile. Here at DiMichaelangelo Family Dentistry, we make custom whitening trays that will do precisely that!

Before whitening your teeth, we want to make sure you have no restorative treatment that needs to be done, such as crowns, fillings, etc. If you do, we recommend getting all treatments done before whitening for the best results. 

The Whitening Process 

We will take an impression of your top and bottom teeth to mold the whitening trays. From there, we will schedule you back in a week to pick up your whitening trays and show you how to use the whitening gel in the trays. There are three different percentages of whitening gel. Some you can keep on your teeth overnight, and the others you may only be able to keep on your teeth for 15-20 minutes. We recommend only putting a small dot of the whitening gel in each tooth on your whitening trays. A little goes a long way!

Tip: You should be very careful with how much whitening gel you put in your trays. Using too much whitening gel will irritate your gums. If you happen to get the gel on your gums, remove your trays, use a Q-Tip and remove the excess whitening gel and then place your whitening trays back into your mouth. If you start to develop any gum sensitivity, take a break from whitening for a few days to a week, depending on the level of sensitivity. Once you are no longer experiencing sensitivity, start whitening again, but try not to leave your trays in for as long as before. 

What should you avoid after whitening your teeth?

  1. Dark or strong colored liquids such as tea, coffee, and or red wine
  2. Acidic beverages such as fruit juice, soft drinks, etc. 
  3. Foods with natural or added colorants 
  4. Sugary foods
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