Having a straight smile is not only more attractive, but it is also much healthier! Straighter teeth are easier to clean, allowing you to thoroughly clean every gap, crack, and crevice in every corner of your mouth, ensuring that you are free of plaque, tartar, and food debris. As a result, your chances of suffering from gum disease or tooth decay are effectively reduced. 

The field of orthodontics focuses on the art and application of perfect alignment of the teeth and gums, providing a number of treatment procedures to improve the appearance and health of the smile. To find out what our orthodontic specialists can do for your smile, call our Ohio office today!

Traditional Metal Braces

While you may not find traditional metal braces to be your top pick, the treatment has indeed come a long way in recent years; the brackets are much smaller, wires are thinner, and the entire system working together is more comfortable and appealing than ever before. In most cases, traditional braces are the best pick for moderate to severe cases of misalignment and are proven effective at straightening your smile. Some of our favorite advantages we find by using braces include the following:

  • Braces can be styled and colored to the wearer’s preference.
  • They are effective for even the most severe cases of misalignment.
  • The appliance works quickly.
  • The treatment results in a healthier mouth for life.


Invisalign clear aligners may be an excellent option for you if you have minor cases of misalignment, gaps, or crowded teeth. The Invisalign system effectively corrects these bite problems while providing the wearer discretion in their orthodontic treatment.

Because these aligners are virtually invisible, many patients find that they are able to carry on with their regular lifestyle without periods of discomfort associated with mental braces. The aligners are also removable, allowing easier brushing and flossing and no restrictions on what foods can be eaten. 

The system comprises a series of between 20 and 30 clear aligner trays. These are to be worn in accordance with your treatment plan; with each new aligner, teeth will shift more into the proper alignment. If Invisalign sounds appealing to you, call today to schedule your FREE consultation! 

Your Journey to a Straightened Smile

When you visit our office for orthodontic treatment, you won’t just get a straighter smile; you’ll also receive guidance and education with every step, and all of your questions will be answered when you visit us. 

We believe that the best way to care for our patients is to offer consistent care, compassion, education, and resources so that they feel in control of their orthodontic treatment. We find this so meaningful to the patients when working with kids, teenagers, and adults as they find themselves more interested in their oral health as treatment progresses. 

Please call our office today to schedule an appointment and discover your orthodontic options. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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